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Selling Your Home

If you've had your house on the market for some time and its not selling, it may be worth having an assessment of the Feng Shui to see if there are some simple things you could do to make your house sell faster.

Usually this type of Feng Shui Consultation isn't about getting your bed position right or banging out the wall between the living room and the kitchen. Mainly this Consultation is about adding subtle Feng Shui Remedies to make your home more appealing - energetically.

The psychology of people, at the most basic level, consists of aesthetics, color and 'the feel of a building'. If a building feels right, people are even willing to go beyond what it looks like, because they get a good feeling about it at an unconscious level.

In a Selling Feng Shui Assessment, the aim is to get it sold.

Many times, when there is something wrong in the unseen Feng Shui influences, it will give the building a bad feel. This could be an irk at the front door or a funny feeling in the Children's Bedrooms, the Master Bedroom or the Living room. If a building has a bad feel, it doesn't matter how much coffee you make, how many flowers are out on the table or how much bread you bake on the day of house inspection (to make the house more appealing aesthetically)... a bad feel is a bad feel. People sense it and they know it at an unconscious level and adding Feng Shui Remedies to change this feeling makes all the difference.

This type of Feng Shui Assessment uses the Flying Stars Method to detect the dynamics that exist at an unseen level. The Unseen layers of Feng Shui indicate which remedies an area needs to calm it at an unseen level.




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