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The Feng Shui Toolkit for Feng Shui Consultations: How This Toolkit Could Give You Incredible Confidence to Take Complete Charge of Your Feng Shui Forever!

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If you live long distance or you want to do your own Feng Shui or a Yearly Stars Feng Shui Consultation - its not that hard to do - if you Know What To Do and How to Do it Expertly.

As a part of this incredible promotion... You are entitled to Unlimited Lifetime Access to our Expert Feng Shui Toolkit created by Feng Shui Master Gayle Atherton (who has studied Feng Shui in Hong Kong for the past 20 years)! This is a $137.00 + value for you!

This Feng Shui Toolkit can allow You to take Complete Control Of All Your Preliminary Feng Shui Needs and put you in the running to do your own Feng Shui with 100% accuracy as your foundation.

Here's What You Get with the 'Feng Shui Toolkit.'

  1. Unlimited Access to the Feng Shui Toolkit Members Area with LIFETIME Status
  2. Unlimited Access to All 5 Audio Classes and Class Handouts including Step by Step Diagrams on:
    - How To Draw Your Floor Plan Up To Scale (+ Audio Class $21.90 Value)
    - How To Do An Expert Compass Reading (+ Audio Class $29.00 Value)
    - How To OverLay The Feng Shui Compass Grid Over Your Floor Plan (+ Audio Class $29.00 Value)
    - How to Deal with Funny Shaped Buildings and Remain 100% Accurate in Your OverLay (+ Audio Class $29.00 Value)
    - How to Do Your Own (and Your Friends) Personal Feng Shui Astrology (+ Audio Class $29.00 Value)

  3. BONUS: Your Chinese Astrology for the Current Year - What the current year means for your Zodiac Animal Sign.


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feng shui toolkit



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