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Feng Shui in the Southern Hemisphere
by Feng Shui Master, Gayle Atherton

Today's topic is about Feng Shui in the Southern Hemisphere:
Because I live in the southern hemisphere, I am often asked if Feng Shui or Chinese Astrology needs to be changed or altered for the Southern hemisphere and since I have heard this discussion for so many years I decided to write my findings and add another opinion to the list!

Having practiced Feng Shui in the southern hemisphere for more than 15 years, I have heard all the arguments for and against. I have also had the opportunity to make my own discoveries, based on the success rate of my Feng Shui Consultations, as well as researching some of the greatest minds amongst Asian Feng Shui Masters on the topic.

The reader should bear in mind that making alterations for the southern hemisphere (according to the current arguments presented) means changing the entire Chinese Lo Pan compass, as well as the Chinese Solar Calendar. Additionally, if the Solar Calendar changes... does that mean the Chinese Lunar Calendar should change - because the two calendars are often used in conjunction with each other and will no longer match up (if one calendar is changed and not the other).

Arguments in favour of making changes include:


That there are differences between the magnetic fields of the southern and northern hemispheres. For example, there is a theory that say if you release the water from a bath tub in the northern hemisphere, it travels in one direction, whereas in the southern hemisphere, it travels in the counter direction (I have not tested this theory so I cannot comment).



The original Lo Shu grid is drawn showing the south at the top. South is the direction of fire and the direction of the source of heat or light. In the northern hemisphere this is the natural arrangement between the five celestial animals shown on the Lo Shu grid (and Lo Pan compass). The phoenix is in the south, the tortoise is in the north, tiger to the west and dragon to the east. In the southern hemisphere, if you position the south direction to our source of light and heat, it should point to the north (our natural heat and light source), which creates an incongruity in the Lo Shu grid and the celestial arrangement of animals. If you point the grid to the south direction (in the southern hemisphere) then this is facing the south pole which is a sources of coldness - incongruent with the south or fire direction.



The seasons are different in the two hemispheres. For Instance, when it is winter in the northern hemisphere, it is summer in the southern hemisphere. This makes a difference to the Chinese Astrology factor, because a person born in the winter months of the Rat, for example (December to early January), is actually born in the summer months in Australia, etc... This makes a difference to the five elements matching up in the Chinese Astrology chart...

Arguments against making changes include:


Although there are magnetic variances in the two hemispheres, this does not mean those variances reverse.

The fact is that, in any hemisphere, the compass is still calibrated to point north. For example: airline pilots do not switch to a different compass when the plane flies across the equator. The equator is a man-made imaginary line. Magnetic fields have variation, but they do not reverse. You cannot call the Northern Hemisphere the Yang (or Yin) Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere the Yin (or Yang) Hemisphere. Yin and Yang is all around us in every living thing and dynamic. Yin and Yang operate in both hemispheres equally.



The use of the five celestial animals has never had only one translation. The existing use very much applies to each and every building in a holographical sense.

So if there is no dragon or form that can represent a dragon (such as another building) to the left of your building - there is no dragon and even though a South Facing Building puts the Dragon in the East (and the East is the original home of the Dragon) not every building is meant to point south in Feng Shui.

In China and all other Asian countries, buildings have always been aligned differently. This detail has also been factored into the Chinese Lo-Pan Compass as well as the original mathematical formulae developed by the Chinese thousands of years ago. As a result, we can measure the unseen influences of any building in any direction.

Ultimately, the Chinese have never specified that all buildings should be erected to face south to accommodate this piece of information (otherwise every building built on a different alignment - even in China - would suffer from this problem).

The fact that the Lo Shu grid shows south at the top of the chart (and why they arranged it this way) is a detail that is still not truly known - even by the Chinese or Chinese Feng Shui Masters. There are some Chinese Feng Shui Masters who think this is reflective of the pathway of the sun along the ecliptic line, ie, the sun (or fire) travels overhead along the ecliptic path.



While it is true that the seasons are different in the northern and southern hemispheres, it is also true that the compass reflects information at a much deeper level. In fact, the Lo Shu Diagram is the basis for the Chinese Lo-Pan Compass but it also reflects the Chinese Solar Calendar and, as such, the true pathway the life force energy takes.

For instance, the sun rises in the east and travels to the west. It does this in any hemisphere. This means that the natural flow of life force energy goes in a particular sequence from daylight to night time and back to daylight again the next day. The same goes for the seasons. The seasons in any hemisphere naturally go from spring to summer to autumn to winter and back to spring. This is how life force energy progresses in its natural form. This is also the pathway that Yin and Yang takes and it reflect the natural cycle of life force energy (which is precisely what the Chinese compass reflects).

If you were to reverse this, you would be going from summer, to spring, to winter, to autumn, and this is not how life force energy naturally or actually works.

The Holographic Nature of the Lo-Pan Compass and the Chinese Calendar
Both the Lo-Pan Compass and Chinese Calendar are based upon holographic systems which reflect the order of the universe. As it stands, patterns of weather vary in any hemisphere.

For instance, let's take the United States of America. In winter time, even though it is winter across the whole of America, the east coast has completely different weather patterns from the west coast. It is also colder at the top of America (in Montanna for instance) compared to Florida which is at the Southern most point.

In a country like Singapore, closest to the equator, there are only two seasons - the wet season and the dry season - and in either season the weather is hot. In fact, countries along the equator do not have a winter at all as we know it.

Alaska does not have summer months as we know them, there is snow all throughout the year. Then you could take a country like India, which only has three seasons - the wet and the dry, and spring. And, even in a country like Hong Kong, the beginning of spring (according to the Chinese calendar) can sometimes be even colder than their winter months, when the cold mists come down from the Himalayas.

So weather, or the seasonal energies - which is a great consideration in changing Feng Shui to suit the Sothern Hemisphere - is variable in any country. And, as we progress with global warming I am sure this will only continue. Therefore, changing Feng Shui for the Southern Hemisphere and reversing the Lo-Pan Compass and the Chinese Calendar because of the Seasonal differences between the Northern and Southern Hemispheres does not quite make sense.

What do the Asian Feng Shui Masters think?
Over the years, I have had lots of discussions with various Asian Feng Shui Masters (from Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and various places) about this topic.

And, amongst the Feng Shui Masters I interviewed, there were none who agreed to the reasons (Westerners think) for change. They could understand why you might think it would change, but they did not think it important enough because of the information that is actually imparted in the Chinese calendar and on the Lo Pan compass. The study of Feng Shui and the Chinese Lo Pan compass is layer-upon-layer of intricate knowledge; its use is not simplistic.

Some of their comments included: 'But yin is yin and yang is yang in any hemisphere'. 'Life force energy is life force energy - no matter where you live'. 'The compass still points north (showing the nature of the more subtle energies that will occur in an environment)'. 'The Lo Shui Diagram is the Lo Shu Diagram - it only works one way (and it works...)'. 'The compass shows the five elements, which go much deeper than weather patterns'. 'But one must have the skills to cater for any energy encountered in an environment'. 'The system of Feng Shui has a 5000-year history of success'.

Some even expressed their opinions which were that a better understanding of the Lo Pan Compass and the Five Elements, and Yin and Yang was needed...

My Experience and Summary
After listening to the many arguments of for and against, I am still not convinced that we need to throw the baby out with the bath water. Over the years I have had a lot of success with my clients (in both hemispheres) and I have only been practicing authentic Traditional Asian Feng Shui.

The Chinese Lo-Pan Compass does reflect a lot of information that goes beyond the seasons or weather patterns. This is the nature of Feng Shui - it deals with the seen and the unseen. Weather chi is only one of the multitudes of energy that a Feng Shui practitioner must understand in a Feng Shui Consultation.

From a Feng Shui perspective, the reality is that any land showing continuous change in magnetic field should be studied closely by a Feng Shui Consultant, because of the fact that any magnetic flux has a high chance of causing sickness and misfortune (this has been a well-known Feng Shui fact for thousands of years). I believe that the variances of magnetic fields between hemispheres is merely another type of energy influence that must be understood and catered for, if it is relevant.

To me, the real systems of Feng Shui, Feng Shui Astrology and Chinese Astrology (Four Pillars of Destiny) are systems that reveal the nature of our holographic universe: Meaning; everything around me is a reflection of me - even if it is just a momentary reflection. Bear in mind that from an astrological point of view the Flying Stars System, the Feng Shui Astrology AND the Chinese Astrology Systems all tell me what energy I am attracting at any point in time. If I have good Feng Shui, usually I am in a Good Stage of my life and if I have Bad Feng Shui usually I am working through things that I need to change. For thousands of years Traditional Feng Shui Masters have passed this exact type of information onto their clients. So, from an Asian perspective this is nothing new.

I think one element that's very interesting about these ancient forms of mathematics and energy pattern prediction is the way the natural sequence of the I Ching trigrams combines to directly mirror the binary code as well as the chains of the human DNA.

Perhaps this is why Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology can be so powerful. We are creating an environment that can harmonise with your own DNA pattern. And, if you look at that closely, the human DNA is a holographic system.

In the case of Four Pillars astrology, the composition of the five elements in a person's astrology chart reflects the type of energy they will encounter throughout their life - not a weather pattern. Although the season is important for determining the horoscope, it is also reflective of the person's unique holograph and what they encounter within their own unique pattern.

For instance, a fire person who is born in the month of wood will naturally have supportive elements in their social, emotional and physical environment (because wood burns to feed the fire). If the same fire person was born in a month of earth they would always be trying to give things to others socially, emotionally and physically (depending on the other elements in the chart and how these pan out) because the ashes of the fire feed the earth.

The natural order between heaven, humankind and earth reflects a natural progression of life force energy (ie from day comes the night and from night comes the day). This is precisely the information that is imparted on these ancient systems of Mathematics and Chinese Metaphysics (and is completely reflected in the Lo Pan Compass and the Lo Shu Diagram).

Over years of experience, I have developed great respect and awe for the creators of this science. Who were the people who developed such sophisticated mathematical equations? How did they know they could track life force energy in time? The deeper knowledge known to these ancient creators is phenomenally vast.

The practice of Feng Shui entails a lifetime of study. In my experience, the current system works very well.

© Copyright Gayle Atherton 2000. All rights reserved.


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