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Feng Shui Astrology (2004 - 2023) and the Age of 8 or Period of 8: How the New Period 8 Energies Will Affect Your Life...
by Feng Shui Master Gayle Atherton

Feng Shui Astrology and the Ages or 'Cycles of Luck'
Are you in a hurry to know about the Age of 8 (also known as the Period of 8)? The Period or Age of 8 Energies commence as of February 4th 2004 and they last for the next twenty years... Since the Period or Age of 8 Energies have the potential to change all the Feng Shui energies around in our homes (permanently) they are important energies to know about so let's start with some of the background.

Feng Shui is based upon the sciences of the Tao. According to these simple understandings and observations it is said that everything in the universe, is subject to the 'laws of change.'

Each day the sun rises and sets, humans are active and then rest; flowers grow bloom then wilt; throughout life, a newborn baby will grow from a young infant to an adult. Such is the process of life. And so it means that Feng Shui, which is also based upon these ancient principles... is subject to change.

Ultimately this means that every 20 years the deeper aspects of Feng Shui energies will go through a major change to/of Feng Shui. For instance, recently we have gone from an Age of 7 / Period of 7 (from 1984 - 2003) to an Age of 8 / Period of 8 (commenced in 2004 and will go until the year 2023).

These cycles of Feng Shui Energies are called "Jupiter Cycles" and even though these 'Jupiter Cycles' have nothing at all to do with the planet Jupiter, they describe the vital Chi or lucky life force energy most pronounced and active in a 'Time Era' (like the Age / Period of 8) and how these will have certain infleunces over the human development during this Age or Period of time.

So what are these 'Influencing Energies' for the Age of 8 / Period of 8?

Ultimately the Ancient Scholars of Feng Shui observed that 'man' was influenced by the energy of the 8 Trigrams.

Just as these Combinations of Trigram Energies have predicted the flow and pattern of life force energy in buildings (as with the Flying Stars Method, Yearly Feng Shui Energies, etc); it has long been evident that these same Trigram Energies have a mysterious unseen influence upon people and human trends. In fact, when one makes a deeper study of this coincidence it is quite clear that we as humans have mirrored these Trigram Energies throughout time.

The Trigram Energies, described as 'Periods' or 'Ages', originates from the Eight Ancient Trigrams of the I Ching, also called the book of changes. Here is a run down of the recent Ages / Periods:

Age or Period of 1 - from Feb 4th 1864 - Jan 1883

Age or Period of 2 - from Feb 4th 1884 - Jan 1903

Age or Period of 3 - from Feb 4th 1904 - Jan 1923

Age or Period of 4 - from Feb 4th 1924 - Jan 1943

Age or Period of 5 - from Feb 4th 1944 - Jan 1963

Age or Period of 6 - from Feb 4th 1964 - Jan 1983

Age or Period of 7 - from Feb 4th 1984 - Jan 2003

Age or Period of 8 - NOW Commenced... Feb 4th 2004 - Jan 2023

Age or Period of 9 - The Future... Feb 4th 2024 - Jan 2043

As with any energy influence, there are always positive as well as negative implications, so let's explore the recent past and the meanings of some of these Trigram Energies in the recent past, as well as the currently time periods. Before we start, we need to know how these twenty year cycles of time work:

How the 20 Year Jupiter Cycles Work

Even though we say that these energy cycles last for twenty years, in reality the life force influence actually commences prior (and can be felt some twenty years prior) to reaching its most concentrated form.

This means that the influence can be felt for approximately forty years and then it will completely subside and fade away. It also means that at any one point in time we are influenced by two Trigram Energies and that we ourselves are in a constant state of change according to these two energies.

An example of the movement of these patterns is 1944 when the energy of the Chi'en trigram first began emerging.

This trigram was very dominant in strong, older male, masculine energy. Within one year of its commencement, WW2 finished because strong male leaders rallied together to create this finish. Chi'en reached it's most concentrated form from 1964 - 1983.

At the same moment as this energy became concentrated (February 1964) the energy of Tui (young, free, uninhibited women) began to emerge. This was the commencement of the women's liberation movement and the thing that inspired this was the fact that women no longer wanted to be oppressed, they wanted to be recognised as equal and have their needs considered equally alongside men.

If you read the descriptions given in both the Tui and the Chi'en trigram, you will discover that our human trends have very much followed and coincided with the energy of the trigrams.

Trigram Chi'en - Age of 6 (from 1964 - 1983)
(This energy first emerged 1944 - 1963)

This Trigram Energy shows three solid lines and this symbolizes the ultimate or the strongest possibility in the masculine principle.

It represents the energy of the Father and strong, powerful, upright men, activity and creation. It characterises rulers, presidents, dictators, religious leaders, sages or Gurus. It also personifies military commanders, government figureheads, the chairman of the board and business leaders. In it's glory it represents power, wealth, high position, rapid advancement, complete restructure, bravery, boldness and the phase of 'beginning again' or creating something new from nothing. Therefore, when this time period is abundant, the highlight will be focused on the patriarch or authoritative male leaders who are dependable, recognised and possessing the qualities of nobility, strength and creativity. The Chi'en trigram symbolises strength that is expansive and forceful, active as if in a supreme way and unstoppable once it commences.

Chi'en energy brings about transformation through confrontation between opposites and battles that are fought in the name of a noble cause are common under this trigram energy. Since Chi'en energy depicts honour, pride and the male figure of the household, in its extreme form it can symbolise an overbearing masculine dictatorship that is somehow accepted, sanctioned or made compulsory by the general population or people on mass. In its strongest form Chi'en is commanding and influencing, an "authority or expert" in a positive way. If this powerful energy becomes unbalanced and reaches an extreme it can be controlling, arrogant, domineering and forceful.

Chi'en energy takes on a pounding patriarchal focus rather than a matriarchal inclination (or recognition of the matriarch for that matter!!). On the positive side, one of the most famous things this trigram is well known for is effecting huge change that needs to occur in order for humankind to move into a new phase of starting again. On the negative side, this energy can easily become unbalanced (especially through arrogance and self absorption) and if it does it will reach the extreme and become too controlling, dominating and dictatorial.

Positive Keywords: patriarchal; strong; influential; honourable or noble; an authority or expert; dependable; takes an active stance; protective; creative; able to go beyond normal boundaries; establishment of order; is creative; bold; fearless.

Negative Keywords: arrogant; egotistical, controlling; self absorbed; domineering; forceful; overbearing; only considers self; extreme; misuses power; misuses trust; a dictator.

Human Trends That Evolved Alongside the Energy of this Trigram Energy (Chi'en)

The Chi'en trigram energy began to emerge in 1944. It reached its concentrated form in 1964 and in terms of conclusion, its influence fully ended after 1984. Some key human events that occurred in this period were:


Only a year after the first emergence of this trigram energy, WW2 ended. At the time, Sir Winston Churchill rallied with other powerful male leaders around the world and together they worked in co-operation to overthrow Hitler's regime and restore peace to the world at large.


A very busy re-building and economic restructure of war torn countries and the world at large followed WW2. Right from the very commencement of this trigram energy, there was a strong focus on men. There was a powerful prominence on men returning to the workplace; a new never before seen birth of 'the corporate era', men rebuilding and restoring 'life' as we knew it by creating powerful corporate empires. Highlighting men in other ways was those who had fought in the war, those who had survived and returned, and those who had not. Despite the fact that many women had contributed to war efforts in many ways (ie making of ammunition, all other aspects of duty and employment, etc) and had even sustained their countries whilst the men were away fighting they went unrecognised. It is interesting to note that 1964, when this trigram energy reached its most concentrated form; this coincides with the beginning of the Women's liberation movement.


The church, religious leaders and the military played a very important role in creating the masculine energy that now dominated. The war was fought in the name of God and many religions played a role of rallying spiritual upliftment and strength for "the cause" ie the war. After the war ended, there was a strong re-building of religion as well as military forces. This marked the beginning of the race to build the strongest, most lethal arms. Military power and the accumulating of it was still the emphasis throughout the fifties and sixties. The post war weapons created included; the atomic bomb, arsenals, armies continued to be formulated.


Post war also became the beginning of the technology revolution. Television and the telephone were amongst the first creations. Men created many new inventions and men sustained these. Powerful male dominated countries competed to be the first to explore and become the conquerors of the frontiers of space. A huge patriarchal focus continued for many years - until the early sixties, when the trigram energy of Tui began.

Trigram Tui - Age of 7 (from 1984 - 2003)
(This energy first emerged 1964 - 1983)

The current energy is represented by the trigram Tui. This trigram has two solid lines at the bottom with a broken line at the top and according to the formation of these lines; there is the image of new spiritual energies as well innovative knowledge in general. This is positioned as if to be descending from up above (coming from heaven) and entering the lives of people, so this trigram personifies some form of spiritual emergence or enlightenment and the bringing about of new methods of thinking.

Tui is a female trigram; meaning that the focus of energies will shift from being male dominated to female focused and this feminine energy will become the new highlight in some way. Essentially, this trigram especially symbolises young women and in particular women who are joyous, lively, happy, talking, seductive, sexually open or promiscuous. Traditionally these women range from innocent young girls who are fresh and lively to, actresses, female singers, hostesses, prostitutes, female seductresses, concubines, sorceresses or women who cause treachery and ruin. Tui trigram also means joy, pleasure, sensuality and gaiety so there is the suggestion that trouble could arise if over-indulgent and excessive.

Tui is also the image of a marsh or lake that does not meet the sea (to be refreshed). It symbolises low-lying lands that are susceptible to stagnant build up within the environment or that gathers things that are insufficient, defective, somewhat incomplete, inadequate or convoluted. Tui also represents the mouth and things that are spoken - particularly by women (especially young women) and this represents a time where all forms of communication will become apparent. Traditionally, Tui is considered a "troublemaker" amongst the trigrams and throughout time and the following description portrays its positive and negative energies.

Tui trigram means increased awareness (not necessarily with wisdom), new knowledge, new information, spiritual transformation and revolution, new experiences and the experimentation of new techniques or new methods of thinking, although many of these may be fleeting or superficial because Tui is not so concerned with taking responsibility - its is only concerned with having a good time and living in the moment. It increases the capacity for communication and socialisation because it traditionally represents the mouth but this can include the whole range of communication and socialisation such as all forms of media including advertising, television and film, print media, the internet, etc. It also encompasses all forms of vocal music (ie rap), singing and songs; expression of the arts or psychology; people getting together to exchange ideas, discuss issues, gossip or socialise; verbalisation of all descriptions including speeches, the speaking circuit; dining out or having meetings over lunch, etc. Tui also means arguments, disputes, defamation, slander, lawsuits, legal problems, or litigation. Being the "big mouth", "mouthing off", saying things that are hurtful or that cannot be retracted are typical of this trigram. Especially, Tui is associated with gossip of all descriptions - from simple people talking amongst themselves to magazine gossip, to television or internet gossip. This also implies ruin through disintegration of reputation or a reputation that is destroyed via gossip or ill informed hearsay.

In it's negative phase Tui is associated with seduction, destruction, disintegration and 'things' (events, people, situations) that can go to ruin. It means "things" (ie work projects, situations, communication, relationships, karma) that are left undone or incomplete in some way and this becomes a source of great problems for instance, situations that become complicated, convoluted and cause ruin. Tui is well associated with sexual freedoms and encounters that can potentially become destructive (ie love triangles are common), create ruin and are fleeting or move through continual love affairs etc, without making any commitment. Because Tui lives only in the moment, there can be a lack of regards for the family unit or a willingness to terminate the family structure in an effort to "be or have freedom."

Finally, ancient Chinese history documents the last five years of the Tui trigram energy to be a time of "quickened reaction" or instability. If one considers the great leaps of community and technological advancement over the past 40 years, the concept or reasons for instability is not hard to grasp. This is why the coming Ken trigram - the stabiliser and discriminator - is an important follow on from the Tui trigram.

Positive Keywords: seeks happiness and pleasure; new knowledge - new experiences; has a wide variety of encounters and expertise; innovative, experimental and adventurous; reaping the harvest or enjoying the fruit of benefits; keen intuitive mind that can grasp many details; loves freedom at all times; socially adept; savoir faire; knows how to please others by saying the things they want to hear; good at speaking and convincing others; looks for the positive (even if its not practical); works well with a lot of activity.

Negative Keywords: hates routine and responsibility; is superficial; vain about appearance; can become fixated on small details (such as vanity) that are of no consequence in the bigger picture; influenced by what others think; are motivated to perform actions so that others will think highly of them; have a lot of knowledge (even spiritual) but not necessarily the wisdom or depth to apply it; a tendency to have short lived unsatisfying love affairs rather than make commitment; not caring too much about the consequences; can be petty and spread gossip; into short lived pleasures that might be incomplete or empty.

Human Trends That Evolved Alongside the Energy of this Trigram Energy (Tui)

The Tui trigram energy began to emerge in 1964. It reached its concentrated form in 1984 and in terms of completion, its influence will fully conclude after the year 2004. Some key human events have been:


Woman and women's issues came to the foreground. In the early sixties, the women's liberation movement was born, with the burning of the bra and the challenge offered to patriarchal ways. In particular, women came more into the public light with women speakers, women politicians, women experts. These changes were instigated by women (after a long period of not being recognised) and, in our modern-day world, women have now assumed a rank equal to men.


There has been a huge 'spiritual awakening' since the commencement of the Tui trigram in 1964. We have seen the birth of the new age, the growth of cults, and a complete change in human consciousness. Before the Tui trigram commenced, there was hardly a spiritual bookshop in existence let alone spiritual books. Formal religion was the only accepted norm before the Tui trigram, and in the period of Chi'en, to attend a seminar on the inner child, crystal healing, or spirit guides would have been considered strange, even sinful. New age seminars, Gurus and spiritual matters of enlightenment have prevailed almost to saturation point in the age of the Tui trigram.


There has been sexual revolution bringing previously covert (in various societies) sexual realities out into the open. The early 1960's was dominated with new sexual freedoms and the move to be uninhibited. It explored territories such as homosexuality and homosexual rights. There was an accent on the sex industry, sex toys and sex workers (sometimes with legalisation), the emergence of phone sex (women speaking!) and a marketing age in which 'sex sells' are all products of the Tui trigram. In fact, the sex industry is a billion-dollar business in almost every country. The early sixties and seventies saw divorce courts booming when extramarital sex, sexual attractions, and scandals became common. The interesting aspect of this is that the Tui trigram deals with younger women and many of these new extramarital affairs were with "younger women." This time also saw the introduction of women's sexual expression with new women's magazines created to highlight feelings about contraception, abortion and 'the big O'. There was the birth of the AIDS virus, and a new sexual awareness created in many countries to avoid infection. In the latter part of this 'sexual revolution', there have been increasing revelations about sexual atrocities such as child prostitution, incest, rape, and paedophilia, and more recently, other violations including sexual scandals with church officials. Many people have morally expressed zero tolerance for this type of behaviour.


The corporate focus of the fifties shifted to include more enjoyment and entertainment in corporate life. The enjoyment of the fruits of one's labours - relaxation, gaiety, happiness, and the good things in life - has been the emphasis throughout the seventies, eighties, and nineties. This revolution has now come full circle. People no longer attend the alcoholic four-hour luncheons but are opting rather for a healthy diet and back-to-work attitude (since the commencement of the Ken trigram).


Lawsuits and litigation's have reached an all time high, and the saying "we're making the lawyers rich." was definitely born in the period of Tui! Lawsuits have become commonplace, drawn out in the media, talked about in every household, even made famous at different times (eg the OJ Simpson trial). People's lives have been dissected, reputations damaged and shattered, a newly accepted modern day norm has been open forum by members of the public and the media and despite the fact that some of these people have been innocent; there has been such a high level of slander it has become difficult for many to clear their name.


Misunderstandings and misinterpretations especially in business can be stronger under Tui energy. One very strong aspect can be the failure to deliver at the last moment. From shipping, road, or rail strikes to misinformation given, incomplete energies have caused havoc, strife and been the downfall for some businesses. Tui trigram brings about the breakdown of old systems which are no longer working. This does not necessarily mean that everything is corrected to be in working order either. For many businesses, it means a constant re-structuring with new systems and technology being created all the time and the level of time and energy required to keep up with this change is not always possible (therefore, it remains incomplete).


The information super-highway was born (both the trigrams Chi'en and Tui are ruled by the metal element, which partially governs computer technology), and the advancement of the Internet has allowed the largest human form of communication, to become a reality in every household.


The technological break throughs at the level of computers and working technology, health care, medicine, and everyday living have been enormous over the past 40 years. At the one level, this information has become so readily available that we have almost reached saturation point and at another level, there is such disagreement amongst this information. And when it comes to the introduction of spiritual knowledge, there is enormous conflict - Feng Shui is a good example of this (disputes between the southern and northern hemispheres or other such differing interpretations of the same information).

Current Trigram Ken - Age of 8 (from 2004 - 2023)
(This energy first emerged 1984 - 2003)

The Ken trigram is made up of two broken lines at the bottom and one solid line at the top. This symbolises something that has been filling and pooling inwardly from below (ie with knowledge, information, something valuable) and has now become full. It is as if this fullness and accumulation now makes one sit in contemplation because the solid line at the top suggests that one has now closed itself off and is not taking any more energy in - it is already full and abundant and is now sitting in a space of inner strength and discrimination.

In practical terms, this trigram is often considered to be the image of a monk sitting in deep tapasya (the most intense form of meditative reflection) on a mountain top in quiet reflection and contemplation. In older translations of this trigram according to the I Ching, this energy was symbolic of a time where there was a great need to remain quiet within, a time of keeping still and not initiating action. It was thought that by taking no action the right action to take would reveal itself. This trigram of Ken reflects masculine energy, however it represents an exceptional man - it is the time of the 'spiritual man', a man who is sincere, detached and unemotional, a man who keeps to himself but discriminates and works quietly towards performing spiritual, meaningful acts or benevolent deeds. He is not attracted to frivolity. He is gentle, wise and deep, therefore he can easily see and cut through masks or illusions because he has full intention to aim and get the real thing. Ken represents the image of a monk or a spiritually evolved man who has put aside his worldly connections (without shunning them) because he already has the experience and understanding of everything out in the world and he is now sitting on a mountain in a state of discrimination. He is knowledgeable and experienced out in the world and yet it is able to remain beyond the pull of the influences and attractions in the world. Ken has gained knowledge not only from personal experiences but it has learnt from the observations of the past and other's experience, and this makes this trigram spiritually wise, evolved and adept - within Ken are enormous reserves of spiritual powers and qualities as a result.

Although Ken symbolises a mountain that does not move and is solid, it also represents accumulation and abundance, because the mountain has been formed by the earth which has united and gathered or grouped itself together over a long period of time to form a strong unmovable mountain. 'The spiritual man' suggests an accumulation of spiritual depth and presence. Where the Tui trigram brought awareness, it did not necessarily bring wisdom or spiritual depth. However, the Ken trigram brings quiet contemplative reflections and a deep understanding of the past, present and future at all levels and so the concentration or the focus of the Ken trigram throughout the next twenty years will remain fixed on doing just this. Ken is mindful of the impact of every action and the effect of these actions upon others and out in the world. Ken is slow and deliberate in its decisions but final in its answer therefore, it has the potential to bring a great deal of inner strength, spiritual constancy and stability to life. It can mean the coming of wisdom and abundance, both spiritually and physically, but unlike Tui trigram energies, Ken does not mean superficial abundance or shallow spiritual advancement. Instead, the Ken trigram commands a greater commitment and depth and it will not budge until it gets it. It even demands that the change instigated be a truly profound life transforming change because Ken is very mindful of the future. In fact, it has the potential to bring stagnation, obstruction and very distinct endings to anything superficial because its focus will only be concerned with supporting true prosperity, long-term or beneficial habits - especially after the year 2004.

Positive Keywords: Authentic; thoughtful; caring; detached; genuine; serious; faithful; hardworking; practical; wisdom; silence; stopping power; not attracted by the temporary or the false; brings benefit; looking for completion; sincere; economic; has a powerful stabilising presence; independent; healthy lifestyle.

Negative Keywords: stubborn; inflexible; too serious; becomes lazy and greedy if there is no purpose or direction; complacent if it can't make headway; stagnant; static; unmoving (in a negative way); too slow; someone who hoards; meanness; dependant.

What To Expect in the Time Period of the 8 Trigram Energy (Ken)

In this coming period of Ken, we can expect to see a resurgence of purity within spiritual knowledge, wisdom, and practice. Whether formal or informal this new spiritual energy will take on a deeper focus, the type of focus that can be useful for people. It will be as though we come into a deeper contact with our own spiritual conscience and as a human race; we will be more discriminating about what is good for us and what illusion is. This may take on the appearance of people forming groups to voice their opposition to certain behaviours or government legislations/decisions, etc, and these objections (which will be based on correctness) being in a great conflict with those who would simply want to have certain legislations passed for monetary reasons.

In world structures and countries where systems are not working and in particular, any system where there is excessive cruelty, unjustifiable thoughtlessness or disrespectful indulgence (at the expense of others) these practices have the potential to increase and worsen until they reach an absolute height of insult. It will be as though this energy must reach its highest peak in order for there to be long-lasting transformation of these negative habits. And so this trigram can signify things and aspects of life that reach the very worst levels in order to come to a grinding halt. It is almost as if the Ken energy invokes the very worst because it is so spiritually pure, and its outcome is to create arrangements based on truth, love, compassion, and wisdom. On this same topic, the Ken trigram will bring out the very best amongst ordinary people. This means a new emergence of "heroes" verses the past trend of Tui, where there was an abundance of Gurus. Furthermore, Ken energy will definitely not support the time of Gurus because it carries such a strong energy of self-sovereignty and becoming the master of the self at every level. Instead, Ken will invoke the qualities of real and genuine heroes, many of them quite ordinary people or from commonplace backgrounds and these people (and their earnest wisdom) will emerge more and more in this coming time period. This may invoke a huge contrast of truth between those who have held a guru role and those who are simple unspoken heroes.

In this coming age, there may be redevelopment of buildings, housing and the land. Many Asian Feng Shui masters believe this trigram to be a time of great prosperity, abundance and re-building. However, whatever gets created in this energy will also need to have a basis - like the mountain, and the more superficial approaches to life where we ignore important human issues or put money above long term issues will not survive as easily as they have in the past.

According to Feng Shui astrology there could be quite significant shifts of power and wealth world-wide over the next twenty years. This could include seeing people you never thought would fail - fail, and people you never thought would succeed - succeed. It could also include huge restoration to the karmic imbalances between people and things. Whilst at one level this is quite a common occurrence with each twenty year change or new cycle (each cycle has different specialties which enhance or strengthen different "people" horoscopes) at another level, this could be quite shocking for some, because there are very profound contrasts between the Tui and the Ken trigrams. In the past, Tui has been instrumental in introducing a wide range of experiences (although Tui does not necessarily understand, stay with or make a commitment to one experience), however Ken is fixed on going somewhere and is not superficial in any way, shape or form - in fact Ken is the exact opposite to this!! Ken is spiritually sensitive and seeking the most beneficial experience to offer everyone. This means, anything of benefit that did not even get a mention or a look twenty years ago, may now be accepted really well by people, within communities because it is finally becoming the right timing and there may be a lot of unity, strength and support to make this so.

This aspect carries other implications as well. For instance, in the past, there has been a great emphasis on Tui energies and its components. A good example of Tui energy has been the consciousness that "sex sells.and sex will sell anything ." In the future, the concept of "sex sells" may not be such an easy sell, because people themselves will be looking for something much deeper. Therefore, we may see a change to what advertising presents because it will need to be experienced as "giving more". For instance, using an angle of "we care" or presenting the benefits of a product, rather than trying to sell it with sex. The only thing is, if vendors do not care or the product does not do what you say, vendors may lose many customers at one time and in this emerging Ken energy, people will not forget that quickly.

In the coming twenty years, more than 65% of buildings built after 2004 will carry combinations of Feng Shui energy that is better not being built into the building , meaning, there will be an exception to the usual Feng Shui rule of not having missing sectors, and in 65% of instances (ie different building alignments), it will be better to have missing sectors because these particular types of energy combinations are incurable and undesirable to have in a building!! This aspect also presents an interesting dynamic for world transformation because it suggests major alteration to land mass, as we know it. On the one hand, these alterations could mean creating thoughtful buildings, bringing beneficial change and transformation to the land mass. It could also imply the building of many buildings to keep up with the population growth. At another level, because the combination of these Feng Shui energies are so destructive, these changes could also come from earthquakes, landslides, fire, flooding and other such disasters that physically re-shape the land mass.

Ultimately, this is not known but what is known is that the Ken trigram always brings benefit and renewal. Ken can also mean the stopping of action because revision and the right action need to be taken. The Ken trigram signifies both stopping and renewal - not renewal based on momentary whims but based on really renewing our own life force energies and prospering from this renewal. Since Ken is such a beneficial and sincere energy, the next twenty years look interesting.

Human Trends That Have Already Evolved Alongside the Energy of this Trigram

Although the energy of this trigram first began in 1984, its possibilities will not be fully realised until after the year 2004. Some of the energies already evident are:


The men's liberation movement began in the early eighties, with men coming back into focus, but in an entirely new way. Gone is the overbearing patriarchal energy (so badly needed for reconstruction in the postwar fifties and sixties) and in is the new sensitive "new age man", a thinking man, who is willing to explore emotions and possibilities, and create new, long-term benefits for all.


The beginning of this age has seen the new spiritual man making greater commitment to family life. These days, men play a very active role in the birth of their children, the changing of the diapers, feeding of children. It is a vast difference from the early 1960s, when men dropped their wives off at the hospital and picked them up 'after it was all over'.


Relationships between men and women have gone through a revolution. Unlike the sixties' urgency to get married and have children, these days both men and women are thinking about the implications of relationship commitment at a deeper level. They are choosing more carefully and consciously. Relationship studies now show that men and women both want quality not quantity when it comes to a life partner. Even sexual trends have changed, and there has been the fashionable emergence of Tantric lovemaking practises which are based on developing the deeper levels of intimacy and long term relationship as against the short lived fleeting affairs of the 60's and 70's.


Even government bodies are starting to recognise that ' this greenhouse effect is really something! ' Many have started to create longer-term projects or new ways of sustaining life on the planet. Recycling and exploring natural technologies are just a few indications of this change. Even Feng Shui fits into this category, because people are seeking more harmony for their buildings. A general awareness has been maturing for some time that a long-term plan is needed in all areas of life.


Wars are becoming less acceptable; developing civilised methods is becoming more desirable and after the September 11 attack on the US, America launched a tactic of waging war on terrorism. Hopefully the future may develop a more peaceful and rational means of achieving this objective (rather than bringing harm indiscriminately).

And What About The Next Twenty Years...?

If we look back over these trends, we can certainly see the influence of these ancient trigrams that describe the general life force energy trends of the planet. In the post-war periods, it was the energy of the Chi'en trigram that enabled countries to restore and rebuild both economically and socially, after the grave legacy of wartime. Before 1964, there were hardly any spiritual bookshops or even a new age movement. Women were not in the forefront; there was no overtly accepted sexuality or the multitude of religious cults and the level of spiritual awakening as now. This spiritual awakening has seen many ordinary people becoming far more sensitive to issues of nature, natural healing and the direction of the planet. The beginning of the Ken energy in 1984 also saw the birth of the relatively new men's liberation movement, and this new energy of the coming trigram represents ancient knowledge that can become deeply embedded (in the human race) as against the more superficial trends and frivolous applications of knowledge. Whereas in the past there was money to be made from creating a spiritual environment or interest, in the future spiritual depth will be needed in order to make money or earn the respect of people. There will be a greater emphasis on men becoming more spiritual and taking a sensitive stance in the world.

The interesting indicator of the coming transformation lies in the present time and the influence of the Tui trigram. Within the Tui trigram lies the destruction of old systems that are no longer working. As we enter the last five years of this trigram energy, this dynamic will come to its peak. If one examines what is occurring in the world, the need to change old systems is becoming more obvious and critical. The greenhouse effect and the El Nino factor were never as critical as now and many human affairs, worldwide, are coming to a peak (taxation and law reforms, changing welfare systems and workplace relations, to name a few). In the past, there have been many countries (Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan and Russia) going through an economic meltdown and permanent review is needed to change this. It would seem that financially we can no longer sustain a superficial environment, and there is the suggestion that the economic and financial power balances could change. Within the coming trigram energy of Ken, it could even be a question of 'change or be changed'.

At this point, I would like to stress that change is not an unusual occurrence. In fact, change is the very nature of life force energy itself. Chinese Feng Shui masters have known for centuries that change of some description must occur every twenty years. The peak of the old trigram energy (Tui commenced in 1984) will continue to occur until the year 2004, when the energy of the Tui trigram will diminish and the Ken trigram will supersede it. When you consider how much the human race has progressed technologically over the last fifty years, you can imagine the future changing just as rapidly.


This article is based on excerpts taken from Gayle's book: Feng Shui - The Perfect Arrangement (simple secrets unveiled). It is not the intention of the author to express a prediction of any sort within this article. This article was written in an attempt to keep an authentic translation of the original translation of the eight ancient trigrams. The eight trigrams reveal the essence of ancient wisdom. The outcome of this energy cannot be predicted, because it is currently occurring within the world and within each one of us. Consequently, this means that "whilst each action man performs pre-destines the next action to perform" it is thought that each action is undermined until it is performed (if that makes sense). Therefore, it is thought that each action we perform is of utmost importance because that action will pre-determine the next.

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