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2009 Chinese New Year of the Earth Ox and the Forecast for Your Sign

According to the Chinese Lunar Calendar the 2009 Chinese New Year (the Year of the Earth Ox) begins on January 26 2009. So what does the year of the Earth Ox hold in store for your astrological sign? Will it be a year of Love, Romance, Dating, Getting a new Relationship or will the year focus on Money, Job, Career and consolidating... Well there's a lot of Love and romance in the Air for 2009. Read on to discover your Chinese Astrology forecast according to your zodiac animal sign for the year 2009.

In a real Chinese astrology horoscope analysis - The Four Pillars of Destiny - there is always a comparison of the yearly energies in relation to your own unique horoscope. For instance, Chinese Astrologers compare your hour, day, month and year... to the Chinese New Year in question (this year it is the 2009 Earth Ox Year) and this gives a very accurate idea of your fortunes according to that year.  Therefore, please accept the following guidelines as being for general energies only.


2009 can be a year where you find certain elements of your life being taken to a new level. The Rat and the Ox like each other very much so it is a harmonious year for you. It could also be a year where you could be called upon to generate ideas or share personal experiences that could help a lot of people. To a certain extent you might find people willing to listen whereas in the past your experience or your opinions were not regarded.

Over the course of the year you could find a lot of efforts you’ve made from the past become solid and take on a shape that will not only surprise you – it will satisfy and delight you (and that is no mean feat). There will be a lot of consolidation and support from partners and colleagues and a great deal of progress can be made. In 2009 there is a lot of hard work to do but if you stay stable on the systems you’ve create it will pay off.

At times there might be delays encountered by many people in business and if you can stay stable you will be a good example for others.

At an overall level you can be lucky with people born in the year of the Ox, the Rooster, the Dragon and the Monkey. There will likely be lots of surprise social elements to the year so don't forget to kick your heels up every now and again. Overall a very progressive year.


Ultimately this is meant to be a very good year ahead for you but you definitely need to make sure you don't do “all work and no play…” You are quite used to working very hard for what you believe in but there are many gifts that can come to you this year as a result of heavenly blessings you have earned from the past – so don't steam roll them by being a workaholic!

You need to be connected to people who can help you progress this year and in fact you can make very good contact with people this year. Your biggest enemy is being inflexible or too strong willed on points where you have no proof (you just have theories and good intentions). Other animal signs may have more insight or experience into the things you want to do and if you can make the situation prosperous for them, you will have their co-operation and learn something along the way. Remember to listen to the valuable information they provide! And, be willing to work as a team because you can get further ahead this year if you do.

This is a great year to be recognised for your expertise and refinement in your field. It can also be a year where you can make very good social contacts. Even romance can be on the cards for you this year but you need to make sure you are receptive! If you just continue to work and don't add the play part you could be very boring to be around… so keeping “balance” is a good way of gauging this.

People that bring you luck this year are definitely those born in the year of the Rat, Rooster, Snake and don't forget to take up dance classes. Dancing is very good way of helping you to stay really light and this will balance any worries.

Stay away from people born in the year of the goat and the Dog. The three of you together can move in to a lot of confusion and chaos. Have a great year.


You might find yourself being a little bored this year. Hard work is rather unappealing to most tiger people who really would prefer to just make a grand entrance (with good timing of course) at the last minute… (of course) and accept all the accolades and glory… (of course)… Well unfortunately for you… things are not going to go according to your preferred plan. This year will bring about a vibe which requires a lot of serious and hard work. If you can find a niche that appeals to you and fits in with the theme of the year this could be a brand new start or something new for you to go for.

You need to be a bit savvy with money this year. Be watchful of letting it slip through your fingers or losing money in really silly but innocent ways. This is not really a year to be extravagant with money – no matter who you’re trying to impress and you are imaginative enough to think of budget ways to treat others to special adventurist outings, so do this instead! Just make sure you don't do really silly things because you could end up with broken bones.

This could be a year where you become a catalyst for other people or situations that need a little bit of your pizzazz, passion or courage. If you can get beyond your own feelings of restriction you may have the chance to bring out the best in other people and enlighten others with new ways of doing things. You have a very nice way of remaining strong and calm in difficult situations. If you can do this, others around you will really appreciate it.


This year you might find yourself taking a back seat on certain things simply because you don't do so well in situations that are uncertain. In 2009 there could be lots of uncertainty so you might find that this back seat extends across a lot of areas in life – socially, career wise, relationship wise, a lot of uncertain issues could come to the fore this year. You will do better if you face these situations and find ways of “winning” rather than be angry about them or deny they exist (and blame/project onto others for being pessimistic!!).

There is simply a lot to do this year. There are a lot of things you will probably disagree with but it will work better in the long run to find out what you can co-operate with to make things go right.

A lot of your own personal attitudes can come out really strongly this year. Even though this might make you a bit nervous to delve its good for you to see them rather than trying to hide them.

If you have the courage to look in the mirror you’ll be amazed at what you can do once you figure out what’s working and what’s not working.

This year has a lot of potential to be progressive at a personal level. Don't let yourself get caught up in being the expert at what’s wrong… there will be no medals given out for fault finding. This kind of thought activity could also make you very tired or even unwell so get cracking on discovering what’s working and go full steam ahead!


There is a certain fortune that is still moving forward in your favour from last year – especially if you have been doing business with people born in the year of the Rat (because they are consolidating their fortune this year). However there are two things that may become highlighted and these are situations to pay attention to this year.

The first is your own level of expertise may not be as pronounced this year and other people may be getting more recognised than you. Initially this may be a circumstance that get’s on your wrong side but its actually highlighting a situation where you quite possibly need to look at ways of renewing what you’re doing and let others present your ideas. If you dig in your heels you may just miss the opportunity to present what you have to offer.

The second thing is, there could be some issues for you around romance this year. Essentially you need to be on guard against trouble in your romance. If you are single and going from romance to romance there is certainly potential to attract unwanted situations in romance this year. In a general sense, there is a certain element about the actual energy of the year that will highlight romance, so if you are putting yourself out there a lot... your activities may become known to others and this may not necessarily be what you want!

If you are already in a romance – there may be elements of the relationship you need to address in your romance this year… There could be times where you need to face things or be more generous in the relationship.


2009 will be a very good year for you. In this year you can be recognised for your expertise and others may come to appreciate your speciality or try to get to know you better. If you have had a hard time convincing certain people over the last few years in 2009 they may begin to understand your intentions more clearly. Because you are in harmony with the Ox year, this could bring some sort of fruition to certain activities you’ve been working on and you could become well known. You might sign new deals, get new contracts, get a promotion, get more remuneration… this is definitely a year where you can move ahead very nicely.

What you need to become clear about is the goal you’re going for. Do not waste this year hoping something turns out… Make a clear goal and test it to make sure its viable – this way you’ll know you’re heading in the right direction (and that your offer will be well received).. At this point in time, taking positive affirmative action is important to you achieving your hopes and dreams.

This year you could find yourself naturally charismatic around people who count. In terms of influencing the right people at the right time, there is a definite green light for you this year. However, make sure you work transparently at this because others will appreciate being able to see your clear intentions and this will put you in good standing for times ahead.

This year can be a year of romance for you. Without a doubt love is in the air around snake born people this year. If you are already in a committed relationship you may find your relationship takes a new dimension and if you’re single you may meet a new move interest. Go slowly and let things unfold as they will.


Even though you think and act at a very different level to the Ox year, there are certain things that kind of go your way this year. For instance, you might be able to help out with a project this year which could bring you a lot of blessings in the future. If you can remain detached and just give up the limelight for a moment, consider the long tem needs and requirements of what you’re involved with (and come up with a plan), you never know where that may lead to in the future and the accolades your receive could be very worthwhile.

At another level you do have more attractor factor this year and you can attract relationships at the romantic level. You could find a new romance, increase an existing romance or re-ignite an old romance. Don't forget to leave enough time to let the romance unfold. If you push forward in your usual passionate way you may put yourself out of alignment in the relationship and this could make a potentially good relationship difficult to retrieve.

Financially, even though there are a lot of difficulties going on there actually is a chance for you to get a financial windfall this year. Whilst I’m not saying don't take out a lottery ticket I am saying that you don't want to take financial risks either in this year. If you don't take financial risks and you do get sensible about your money you could end up with more of it at the end of the year. Equally if you keep yourself honest and transparent you could also attract a windfall.


2009 is a clashing year for you and you could be asked to help out with things that you really disagree with. Separate your personal feelings and see if the project is worthwhile – if it is… you could get lots of blessings in the future.

One of the things that you especially need to be on guard about is people who are speaking negatively about you behind your back. You could be called upon to defend a project your doing within the project or defend a certain way of thinking or acting and this will probably not win you any friendships – so only take the job if it is a good cause…

You need to wear the rat pendant this year to reduce the clash between your animal sign and the Ox. Its also good to be careful of travelling on mountains ie mountain climbing or holidays that take you out into a lot of open land, etc as you could be accident prone. Especially don't travel the NE or SW direction/alignment this year.

This is a good year for study or other projects you can do alone. There could be a lot of things that seem to go “pear-shaped” this year and there may not be things you can actively do to retrieve them. You need to be careful of joining up with people who are born in the year of the Ox and/or the Dog as there is a dynamic between these two other animal signs the can bring about chaos and loss.


Even though the Ox and Monkey do not really have anything in common there could be things going on which let you come to the aid of certain projects and demonstrate your incredible skills and talents. In fact, a lot of the things you do could save others from a lot of angst or you can somehow make things easier for people.

This year you could rescue damsels in distress, leap tall buildings with a single bound… and who knows whatever else.

The point is you can get quite ahead in the Ox year but you will need to be able to cross your t’s and dot your i’s… The Ox year will not fully let you get ahead without credibility and even though you do keep a lot of your skills and talents hidden from most people most of the time, wow, the world could really gain a lot from what you have to offer… If you can just get over your deep desires to baffle people, keep them in a holding pattern and play insider pranks there’ll be a lot of benefit go down (what to say!). So c’mon monkey – get serious… you can do it!

At another level you need to guard against losing things that are dear to you this year. Sometimes you can be forgetful when you are surrounded by things that are secretly important to you. There could be details you lose or you forget important follow up that makes a big difference to outcomes.

Your good friend remains the Rat and the Dragon this year. Stay away from Ox born people who are hanging out with Goats and Dogs – you could get in a lot of trouble there…!!


This is a great year for you. You could be recognised for what you do, take a new leading role, move into a role where you can display several layers of expertise… (probably at the same time). Indeed, this could be you’re year. You may take on extra study this year, or have the chance to really display some of those strategies you’ve been thinking up for years.

You need to be a little bit careful of getting others offside in your enthusiasm this year. Coming into arguments with people or being involved in gossip may not get you the co-operation you need. The things you say and do this year may be remembered beyond the year.

At a social level this year “love is in the air” as well as lots of fulfilling social interludes. Having said that most of your friends could be working very hard and so could you… You need to watch your health. There is a propensity in the year for you to get run down and attract colds and flu’s. Make sure you take time out.


This year you need to be very cautious about making wrong decisions, mixing with people who are not beneficial to you, or being caught up in get-rich-quick schemes or other such things that can waste your time or make you lose your money.

There is certainly and element where the Ox year does not resonate with you that well. It’s almost a case of whatever you try to do can not quite be in synch this year and it’s a good thing that you are so good natured because you might need a bit of extra patience from time to time.

It’s probably good if you can wear the Rat pendant as protection this year and keep yourself away from Ox or Goat born people.

Also, the fine details could escape you this year or there could be vital information you’re missing so don't dig your heels in too quickly... Hunt, seek and get a few facts together at least before you launch...

Think of this year as being your opportunity to discover what’s interesting out there. Don't take it too seriously if things are not going your way. And feel free to hang up a “gone fishing” sign if you need a bit of time out. This year is nothing against you personally – we know you’re the good guy of the Chinese zodiac animals…


You could find yourself feeling a little bit restless and irritated this year. You may want to venture off on an excursion of some sort or get away from it all at some point… Its OK, you’re not really in tune with this year so its probably best that you do something productive even if it is just relaxing (I mean the whole world is unrelaxed right – one relaxed person is a good contribution…)

This year, you might find people will not listen to you, no-one wants to know about your ideas… other people are basking in being the flavour of the month… lucky you realise that nothing stays the same for too long isn't it. you need to guard against getting caught in the vibe. If you’re caught in the vibe you’ll feel slightly unstable about things in the coming year.

2010 is your year. 2009 wont be a complete waste of time, you might receive some rewards or status for something you’ve done in the past. But in terms of the year really moving and shaking you… nah… you’ve had better years. Don't worry… keep yourself amused… be happy go lucky.

Watch out for your finances this year. Don't spend too much money on comfort items as even you may be surprised when you get the bill. Keep a close eye on investments and watch the patterns they take for what they are. If you can do this, you might pick up a few interesting clues as to what to do in 2010.

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