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Chinese New Year: 2006 The Year of the Fire Dog and the Forecast for Your Sign

According to the Chinese Lunar Calendar, the 2006 Chinese Year of the Fire Dog begins on the 29th of January 2006. So what does the year of the Fire Dog hold in store for your Chinese Zodiac sign? Will it be a year of Dating, Love and Romance... or will the year focus on Money, Job, Career and consolidating a new Relationship? Read on to discover your Chinese Astrology forecast according to your zodiac animal sign for the year 2006.

In a real Chinese astrology horoscope analysis - The Four Pillars of Destiny - there is always a comparison of the yearly energies in relation to your own unique horoscope. For instance, Chinese Astrologers compare your hour, day, month and year... to the Chinese New Year in question (this year it is the 2006 Fire Dog Year) and this gives a very accurate idea of your fortunes according to that year.  Please accept the following guidelines as being for general energies only.


This can be a year where you might find yourself not having much in common with others and at times you could feel quite alone. If this is the case then being alone is also not bad because Rats usually need time out every now and again to reflect and replenish themselves so don't take this badly. Instead make good use of the time and let yourself relax. The rat does not have deep connections with dog energy, however, because the rat is number 1 when it comes to being resourceful the ability to keep yourself busy or get on with it should help. Whilst you can get along with most people in almost any circumstance, when it comes to the year of the Fire Dog, you might have to make a few more internal adjustments if you wish to get your project heard or understood. Keeping yourself relaxed will be very helpful because if so many around you are on a different wave length it wont help to push your project or get it off the ground this year. So stay peaceful, be relaxed and knowledgeful about where others are at.


Ox born people in the Fire Dog year would do well to avoid being heavily involved with Dog or Goat born people. This is not because you don't like them, it's because in the year of the Goat, Ox or Dog, close partnerships with these animal signs can form a penalty or a relationship that may bring loss to all of you. It's not that you cant be in a relationship with them, but if there isn't redeeming features in the energy between you it will be very easy to fall into a negative relationship or outcome this year. Generally speaking this is not a great year for you and if you have had a project almost up and running and out there this year might see a temporary slump until more suitable energies come. At times you might also feel very alone but take the opportunity to use the spare time to take some time out. There is no way you are going to be able to transform the energy and make things work 100% for you this year so taking a back seat is not a bad thing. There's a lot you get to see when your sitting in the back seat so take this is a great opportunity to see things you would otherwise have missed. Watch out who you share your close personal feelings with this year. If you have chosen the wrong person to share with you might find the story is being passed on in a way you would not like…


The year of the Dog is quite progressive and bountiful for Tiger born people. It's a year where you might be unexpectedly recognised for something you have had in the pipeline for some time. This could mean instant limelight, recognition and fame for some and the fulfilment of projects for others. If you find yourself in the enviable position of reaping the fruits make sure you don't get carried away too much with the moment. Whilst it is true the fruits may be sweet and well earned in the year of the Dog they also might not last so make sure you don't burn any bridges in the process of your celebrations. Even so, this is a good fun year for you. Enjoy yourself and enjoy your journey.


Essentially the Year of the Fire Dog is a good year for Rabbit born people. It might be a year that is filled with much more activity than you imagined and you could find yourself teaming up with new people and taking on or creating new projects which could take you to new places in the future. In the coming year, there will be lots of inspiration, new hobbies or projects and new additions to the lifestyle – all round. If you are teamed up with another Dog born person you could find yourself both quite lucky for each other this year. Next year brings a greater culmination of what you do this year so plan wisely.


The Dog year represents a clashing year for Dragon born people and this coming year the emphasis might be upon endings rather than beginnings or continuances. This could mean “the moving on” of a long term relationship or situation. Or it could mean the finish of a relationship that has been very toxic in the past. It could also signify that it's time for you to sort out what should be in your wardrobe and what shouldn't. For instance, if you have had a lot of loose ends hanging around doing nothing for some time – it might be the time where you no longer have the space to shove it in the corner anymore. Another instance could be that others are coming to you to end old situations and if this is the case just know that there is benefit in everything. If something is not meant to end it wont. If it is, it will and nothing you can do will keep it in a good state – no matter how hard you try.

Inwardly, this year signifies a great need for change in order to reap benefits in the future. But this does not mean looking at what others should change. Consider it a “self-change” year instead. This however, does not mean hurting people or burning bridges and so thoughtfulness will be needed to avoid creating negative endings or trouble. Often it's not the creation of healthy endings that holds you back but it's the creation of negative unhealthy endings that puts anyone right back to square one so keep this in mind as you move forward.


Be aware that this year vibrates at a totally different level to you. Whilst you might have the best laid intentions to forge ahead, there could be times when there is nothing you can do to push this drama called life along any faster and so surrender could be necessary. If you do surrender you wont be losing anything but you might find that along the path of “surrender” you have found an unexpected opportunity that has the potential to take you in a new direction or add dimension to something you are already doing. Make sure you do all your homework well and be very alert if someone is trying to offer you something that is too good to be true. If you cant believe it, it's probably because it's not true so be cautious. Also be very cautious about a new romantic connection and let the romance play out first before committing yourself. This is a year where you can attract a “troubled romance” meaning it will bring you ongoing trouble and heartache if you commit before knowing the person and the situation clearly.


For the Horse born person, this could be a bountiful and prosperous year. You could be promoted, recognised, acknowledged by your peers for your hard work or all of the above this year. There may be new directions or places to go as the result of your hard work and if so, keep your focus on how much benefit you can create wherever you go. Remember, if you try to pick the fruit too quickly it just makes the tree look bare and lonely so share your winnings with others and this makes the fruit go farther. Teaming up with those born in the year of the tiger or the dog is lucky for this year. Be aware of the special role you have to play within partnerships and this will help when you need to state things firmly but sweetly. This is a good year ahead, so enjoy yourself and see how far you can make the good things last.


This is not a fabulous year for goat born people. It is a year where there can be misleading energies with false promises and even though the idea is good, it might not be able to come to fruition with the people you have selected. In fact, there could be quite a lot of deception going on behind the scenes and you are going to need your wits about you to decipher it. Make sure you get to the end of the story before you fully judge for yourself and don't come under the influence of anyone else's opinion – that could be a serious error! Stay away from “get rich schemes” and doing business with people who are born in the year of the Dog or Ox. It's not that Ox born people or Dog people are bad – it's just that the energies of the year are certainly not in favour of the two or three of you joining up for the year (or in business). If you are already in business with a Dog or an Ox, get mediation advice and make sure it's impartial. Next year is going to be fabulous, so if you have to put off anything this year – don't be disappointed. There is benefit in everything.


This could be a year where you find yourself not terribly impressed with what going on. Actually the pace is a little slow for you, you seem to thrive better in high energy, disturbance, danger, chaos and adrenalin so maybe this is not such a bad year after all. A little more mellow, a little more sedate, a little more relaxed now that sounds better already… The problem for many monkeys is they cant keep still and they are used to major sensory overload so they normally get into lots of trouble in “the quieter years”. The dog year can often bring a relationship that is not doing that well to a head. Normally your not so fussed if you burn your bridges but this one might come back to haunt you if you are particularly negative. This can also be a year where either you meet with a “trouble romance” or your romantic style is in a little trouble. If you have gone for a relationship that is trouble with a capital T, you might find this trouble follows you from the beginning, through the middle to the end (of it). Be a wise monkey and don't hide the truth from yourself. Good Luck!


This is a year where you may not be so amused with the way things are heading. In fact, the dog year for roosters is generally a little out of sorts. On the one hand, you might have been working towards a deal or something that is going to keep you in good stead in the future and on the other hand, the new obstacles that have just emerged seem ridiculous and yet you cant shake them. If this is the case do your best to keep your cool. Otherwise people just might talk about what you did for the next ten years! By all means avoid the urge to let people know where you think they stand with you. Words have a habit of repeating again and again. Be careful who you take into your confidence this year. Someone you think is close might not be as close as you think. There could be a separation from a loved one for a period of time if there are a lot of issues to sort out. Try to stay relaxed.


Dog born people in the year of the dog is generally something to watch out for. In Chinese astrology this is a self punishing combination and it means that something you do, often in the spur of the moment, could follow you around for the next few years. So keep a check on your words and actions and especially your generous heart. Don't make promises you cant keep because you are so loyal that you'll do anything to live up to your promises and this will affect you too long. You can really be recognised and acknowledged for something you contribute this year and at the same time, you might find yourself feeling a little lonely. If you are feeling lonely give yourself a special treat. Sometimes for dog born people, keeping your own company for a while helps you to overcome the feelings of being alone. Be watchful on who you confide in this year and all business dealings. Stay away from business relationships with people born in the year of the ox or goat. Snakes and tiger born people can be lucky for you.


Where's all the fun gone you might hear yourself saying this year. Last year was a little strange and this year is a little boring and a little lonely. Work still seems the same, home still seems the same, your friends seem to be doing different things but where are you and what are you doing little pig? What you need is a good party and a big dose of raucous laughter and fun. At the same time, if you need to be concentrating on something you shouldn't throw this to the wind – just to party… Strike a balance and make yourself a plan to get away for some “R & R” as well as putting in a plan to make sure all your work is done. This way you will be refreshed as well as fully prepared for next year when it's the year of the Pig. Keep it in your mind that if you don't plan things properly in this year, it means you might not be ready for next year and that might have a bearing on the directions you were hoping to go for. So keep a good balance and a good plan.

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