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2014 Chinese New Year of the Wood Horse and the Forecast for Your Sign

According to the Chinese Lunar Calendar the 2014 Chinese New Year (the Year of the Wood Horse) begins on January 31st 2014. So what does the year of the Wood Horse hold in store for your astrological sign? Read on to discover if it's a year of Love, Romance, Dating, Getting a new Relationship or will the year focus on Money, Job, Career and consolidating...

In a real Chinese astrology horoscope analysis - The Four Pillars of Destiny - there is always a comparison of the yearly energies in relation to your own unique horoscope. For instance, Chinese Astrologers compare your hour, day, month and year... to the Chinese New Year in question (this year it is the Water Dragon Year) and this gives a very accurate idea of your fortunes according to that year.  Therefore, please accept the following guidelines as being for general energies only.


Even though you may feel very positive about many things – technically – this is a bit of a tricky year for those born in the year of the Rat. Normally you are pretty cluey about how to handle yourself in most situations however, this year, you are advised to keep a reasonably low profile, whilst gathering things, doing your projects, maintaining whatever you are working on – from behind the scenes – rather than out front...  This year the Rat is clashing with the Horse and it’s quite a severe clash involving many other negative energy dynamics that can be triggered as well as the clash. You need good Feng Shui this year. 

There is another dynamic whereby you need to take care to protect yourself from dangerous situations such as dangerous driving, being in extreme or dangerous positions , doing extreme sports or activities that could invite bodily harm or other injuries.

You may attract obstacles. Rather than try to fight them head on; it’s not a bad idea to pace yourself and looks for ways to co-operate with whatever situation comes in front of you. This way you could completely turn around certain events or situations.

You need to be very realistic with what you pursue this year. It can be very easy for you to focus on things that are not viable and then lose touch with what you should focus on. Set realistic goals and put in time frames and checkpoints for achievement. This way you can be really successful.

Be very watchful with regards to spending money this year. It is very easy for you to get into serious debt or encounter huge financial loss through over spending. Put together a reasonable budget and this will help you to achieve your financial goals.

If you live in a house that faces either the north or the south – you are advised to try and take yourself off as many of those alignments as possible (ie don’t sleep north to south/south to north, don't work at your desk on the north to south/south to north alignments etc. You can also refer to our Yearly Stars Consultation.

Despite all these outlines you can still have a good year ahead. Hone down realistic goals (based on real strategies and realistic implementation) and your prosperity will improve. It will be a good year with friends and family. Other advice is: take care in communications, working behind the scenes (which you love doing) will be the best. Be vigilant about what’s happening around you and take a bit of time out for relaxation. Prepare for good times ahead. Good partners are people born in the year of the Ox. Be sure to let them have the limelight this year. Your turn will come later.


This is a very good year for Ox born people. It is your Flower of Romance this year; you can attract all kinds of very positive attention and experience greater happiness in relationships. If single you can attract a romance however, it is good to wait until you know this person well before making a commitment. This year there will be a strong emphasis on your career. You can be noticed for your input on projects easily and be very successful with the willing help of others. Your ability to bridge harmony between yourself and others or act on the behalf of others can be quite empowering for everyone.

You really do have the ability to inspire the co-operation of others and this will enable everything you are involved to have a good outcome. There will be many times throughout this year where you will be called upon to help. Be positive about your abilities and move ahead with confidence. Putting your best foot forward in situations will ensure others remember you with a great deal of admiration.


Even though the horse year is ordinarily a harmonious year for the Tiger there can be several issues you will need to deal with in 2014. In particular there will be high levels of frustration around communication and in realty you need to check the information you present – because there could be many missing details that clearly affect the outcome and other people could be very frustrated with you as a result.

The second thing will be that you need to try and remain patient with everyone (even if you think they are stupid). If you lose it and become involved in their story and you don't concentrate well enough on your own story to convey it properly and you then become angry and irritable on top of this – it will create an unlimited amount of repercussions and communication difficulties which will affect your projects drastically and will be extremely hard to retract. This one point alone could affect your position significantly in 2014. You may find it beneficial to keep a balance of recreation and solitary time so that you can internally work through issues. And if you can step away from situations to regain a positive perspective, genuinely considering everyone's point of view – this will help your situations quite well. Bear in mind that other people may not understand what you are trying to achieve, so if you railroad them and try to override their feelings or point of view, you will not be able to progress further in your achievements either.

This is not a year to become involved in extreme sports as you could sustain injuries and get hurt. Additionally you need to be quite careful with your money and over spending.

Overall this can be quite a challenging year but it can also be rewarding if you are able to master some of the obstacles that will come your way at a – personal level. Be strategic and patient and you will master these types of obstacles and this can potentially take you to a new level of self-development.


This year can be lucky for you as there are many good omens travelling with you throughout the year. In particular you will find it very easy to get along with people and harmonise any differences very easily and create very good outcomes as a result. If you can do this and create outcomes that work for everyone – other people will recognise this and you will reap many blessings and benefits. Having said that, if you do have the power to make it good for everyone but you don't do it... everyone will remember this as well, and you could attract enemies as a result. Because you have such a good flow of energy this year you do need to be on guard against people being envious of your 'flow' – so you need to be aware of this and avoid buying in and even a little mindful (and don't rub it in their face in it). By the same token, if you can turn this situation around and help them to access their fortune (ie give them a project they can excel in) you could increase your co-operative network and create brilliant outcomes.

The energy you have travelling with you this year will also give you the ability to smooth out any negotiations and change bad situations into more positive outcomes in your working life as well as your personal life. Seriously this one aspect alone could help you to attract promotions and increase finances.

Expect a vibrant fast flowing social life this year. Even though this is not your romance flower year, if you are single and in love, it could be a year where you tie the knot... or simply have lots of memorable and romantic times. A very busy year ahead – new projects, new social events and new friends.


Even though 2014 will be demanding and have challenges – it can still be quite a positive and eventful year for you. The year certain indicates that it can be filled with support, love, good friends and good times. Having said that, it is also a year where you need to avoid extreme sports and especially sports or travel related to water.

Working closely with women this year can bring you into a dynamic of gossip and 'bad speak' and there can be times where your communications could be grossly misunderstood. If this is the case – sometimes it might be better not to work it out than to keep explaining and justifying your decisions. Keeping good wishes in these situations will have a better effect and this will help others to think about your favorably.

On that same subject, you do have energy that can help you this year to negotiate very well and change bad situations into good ones. However, it is always good to retain a certain amount of impartiality when assuming this role. If personal gain is suspected it can take away the value of creating harmony.

These is a good chance to have additional money opportunities come to you this year. From a Chinese Astrology point of view – it is true that you may be in demand this year

Overall a really good year. Make sure you stay balanced with diet, sleep and exercise. Don't let yourself get too tired partying.


2014 shows that it can be a very social year this year with lots of good food, good company and good outings. In addition, the year is your romance flower so single snakes can meet some interesting matched no doubt but a small warning: to wait until the dust settles in the relationship and on the year. There are very unstable Feng Shui influences this year (affecting all of us – much more than usual) and one of the key things they will affect is relationships. So you will kind of need to let this year to blow over before you can see the real strengths and merits in the relationship.

If you are already in a relationship care will need to be taken to to take the relationship too seriously – as there can be many blows up for couples this year (and it would not be a year to get serious about what he/she just said... if you get my drift).

The other strong emphasis for you this year will be around your working life. Seems like lots of chances may go on and no-one will really be in control of them. There could be a lot of turmoil and re-grouping going on at your workplace and so it may also be worthwhile letting the changes chill – before you decide whether you like them or not.

Be careful of fine china and Swarovski crystal thins year (or anything else that's breakable) because the stars that breaks things are out in full force this year... and at the very least a few light bulbs will definitely pop.

Finally, this year you could make a new breakthrough happen in your workplace (something that's really break through) and it would really a big difference. Make sure you do what you can (within the confines of what's going on at work...) to get it packaged properly. Having it seen in the right light will help people to understand the importance. Be careful of over spending this year.


This year will see you out in front, basking in attention, wining and dining, and socializing like it's your birthday. Yes we know... it's your year. You do get more recognition this year, you can call on people to come and help you, you probably will get more money this year... but don't rub it in! Remember next year and the year after and be kind to as many people as you can this year. This is the year to take good energy and make it work for you. Don't be afraid to get a little creative.

Career and what you doing in your working life will be important to you this year. The thing is you probably need to examine your opportunities in a way where you totally tie things down to reality – and keep putting in markers you can compare to. Otherwise you could find yourself jumping from one thing to another (and you know how bad that works out).

Whatever you do with your job, choose a job that lets you bring out your natural leadership ability. In this coming year, if you don't follow what you know is right to do, you will likely feel very dissatisfied and restless. Be sure to guide people with fairness and integrity – otherwise you will feel disappointed (as will they).

Intellectually, this is a year to make your mark and progress all the years of hard work and effort. Be sure to listen to legitimate conversations and objections to anything you are involved in. If you use your creativity to expand the cause, it is more likely to attract a lot of good people.

This year, one very powerful dynamic will be speed or a quickening effect where life goes so fast it is difficult to comprehend and maintain goals. This is quite a challenge for the horse because they like to gallop wherever they want upon whim. However, if you do a lot of that this year, you may not fulfill your goals and you could find a lot of the year really wasted with many opportunities not really taken. Up to you.

From time to time this year there will be challenges to overcome. Just go steadily and do your best. Be very cautious about getting caught up in the moment too much. By all means have fun...


This is a very harmonious year for the Goat born person as your sign is in harmony with the Horse and the coming year. So there can be a lot of opportunities, a lot of socialising and networking, a lot of planning and quite possibly a lot of promotion! If promoted there would also be an increase in finances, so, in order to take benefit and the goodness out of the year, you need to keep yourself quite alert, and avoid being trapped in the side scenes. The value you see and act upon in this year might enable you to change and upscale your working life completely.

There are certain elements about this year that will require that you come to the aid of a person, a job, a project, a situation, someone you dearly love and if you get the call... I completely recommend taking it. There could be something there that is really important for you to do and you don't want to miss that – even though you are doing someone else a favour. Be aware, that what goes around comes around – this is deeply connected to how 'Heavenly Blessings' actually work.. I help you now, so you (or someone just like you) help me later. This is also a deeply significant part of creating and storing good karma. When we make good choices, when we do good deeds, we create good karma – so don't miss the chance.

This year you need to set up good ways of evaluating your decisions. You need benchmarks, checking points, risk evaluation, follow up, possibly testing... whatever is applicable to your situation – add it to your agenda. Do not go into risky ventures this year because the entire worlds energies will be very unstable and people can change their minds at a moment's notice – leaving you there by yourself..

Do not be afraid to ask people for help. If you do – you will progress more. If you don't – you will stay where you are. Up to you.

This is going to be a very fast flowing year this year. Factor in some relax time, good rest time, sleeping time – to keep an all important balance. Goat born people NEED to be balanced this year – otherwise it will be hard to keep up with the pace and take advantage of the best the year has to offer you.

Balance, balance, balance.


Even though this is going to be a very good year ahead for you... you know when the energies of the year are a bit out of kilter and not quite to your usual monkey liking and standard... Of all the zodiac signs you are definitely the one who can keep yourself amused until it's time for you to come out and step up the plate (which you do rather gloriously – usually in your own unique style). You are quite happy to stay in the background and do you own thing and really this is one of the things that makes you so successful in your own right. The thing is, even if you do try to stay in the background this year, the background might open up to become the front ground instead of the background and there could be some very lucrative projects and big promotions on offer so don't miss out.

The other thing to do is keep that monkey radar and sixth sense out in front. The year WILL be very unstable and people will do all kinds of strange and wonderful things but stayed tuned in so you can stay ahead of it and offer your sensible wisdom and advice to your colleagues. There could be more than 1 moment this year where you save the day – even if others don't recognise it.

If traveling – stay in touch with your friends... Monkeys always like to be surrounded with friends and family otherwise they feel lonely, isolated and then frustrated – wondering why they are in one place when their loved ones are in another place... use. Skype when you have to...

Be sure to protect yourself from physical harm.. As said, people can do all kinds of weird and wonderful things, so remain streetwise at all times where possible.

Be careful about getting involved in any kind of gossip this year. Otherwise the gossip could take all types of twists and turns and you could get really caught out (for not knowing what's going on with the gossip when you keep saying "yeah..." Then if you try to get involved... (it won't be a good look – stay away)

Taking care of your friend and family circle will important to you this year. Sometimes you may need to point out the obvious but don't neglect to do so. They will love you for it and secretly you will b more relieved if they do what they need to do for themselves. Plus you will be able to spend that Skype time.


This year is about the money and the love. It's a romance flower for Rooster born people and hopefully whilst getting the love you can get more wealth, more recognition, and that well deserved promotion and recognition for the things you offer. This is very much a year where you can take up a new position or being seen in a completely different light.

There will be a lot of social elements for the Rooster born person in the horse year. And this is a great time to expand your network and bring together all kinds of combinations and experts in the work force that can create change and exude with originality and creativity. You are quite likely to attract a lot of people who like what you're doing and want to support and help in some way.

This is a year where you can attract more money and find new avenues of making money. Be very careful to do due diligence though – there will be a lot of instability this year, and whilst there will be a lot 'feel good" generally around you – it will only take one seconds notice to disappear as if it was never there... so be on guard for this and don't let yourself be seduced by 'too good to be true deals' and do let others push you into doing things you do not want either.

Be sure to hand people with tact and understanding. People can be very sensitive this year and it won't take much to lose them either – great misunderstandings can occur – which you may not be able to repair if you've said too much.

One that note: avoid gossip like the plague this year. Whilst it is generally known that you do like a good 'gos' from time to time, doing it this year can leave more than egg on your face if you get caught or innocent "slip ups" occur.

Back to the romance: this can be a very romantic year for you and there is the chance to strengthen existing relationships, take relationships to a new level, meet a very special person if single, and spend a lot of romantic time. Be sure to keep a balance in romance, but romance is there for you this year so enjoy it.

Teaming up with people who are born in the year of the ox brings you luck – and you can get noticed.


2014 is a very powerful year for getting ahead and putting yourself on the map this year. All the hard work, all the dedication, all the long hours – all lot can pay off this year so you need to sit up and pay attention.

Firstly, there are energies present this year where you could find yourself in great demand. People will (finally) want the things you've understood for year and strived to make known. People could turn to you for advice and help with specific problems and problem solving this year – so you need to be ready for that. In addition, much of your information may go through a viral phase where your authority will reach a new level. This could be very intellectually stimulating for you and it may work wonders with your entire life so don't give up on that or freak out – just keep putting one foot in front of the other and you will be very successful.

This success could include an increased wealth capacity (90% probable), a promotion through the ranks of your expertise (whether employed or self-employed – you will be promoted in people's views). It would be best if you could work out a way to automate your process as much as possible (keep it simple and effective). Finally be sure to tie up all angles of your business including the legal side of your work and make sure your contracts (that others sign for you or you sign for others) protect your information and ownership.

This is a big year and it has an incredible amount to offer you but you need to keep your head and have confidence in yourself. You have worked a long time for this and you CAN do it. Just don't let your thoughts go crazy and ask for help. You weakest link is the part where you over-analyse things too much, you worry way too much and you can get bogged down in details. You need to make yourself a realistic plan for execution of what you can do and then create accurate time frames for what you need to do.. Then walk forward and do it. Write lists under each topic and keep these lists with you. You need to let this entire potential unfold itself like an adventure and just simply walk forward and execute. Do not worry, stress, sweat or allow things to build up in your mind. When the "worry ghosts" arrive in your mind – for afternoon tea, coffee and biscuits – do not invite them in for scones and cake! Tell them there is no more food being served here and be done with it! If you don't take this approach with your mind... you can convolute your entire process and end up enjoying only 5% of it – instead of at least 85% enjoyment which is what you deserve.

You've got great energies travelling with you this year – go for it, don't look sideways and most importantly – have lots of fun, fun, fun!


You have a good year ahead which can bring lots of new friends, new relationships and good times. In fact, the year predicts a very social year and so instead of balancing your working life with social events... you may need to balance your social life with working events Smile.

Continuing along the same discussion: this year shows there is a large possibility/indication where you can be so "happy in the moment" that you forget a lot of your commitments and run into issues varying from forgetting to pick the kids up from school to forgetting to show up for your wedding and so... as you can imagine I don't need to tell you the outcome of either of those... What I can say is this: be sure not to ignore or neglect your family or your financial commitments because during the following year, the financial aspects make catch up with you in a very BIG way (if they don't catch up with you this year). And really... make sure you turn up to work Cool- all kinds of things will run smoothly if you do this.

On a similar note: you need to be very watchful of your expenditure this year. You most certainly have got energies travelling with you this year that can make you spend a lot more than you earn. Additionally, it would be very easy for you to get caught up in the moment and spend a little bit more than even you would like.

Be careful of your valuables this year. If you are having a lot of fun you could be targeted by thieves. Alternatively, you can leave valuables in places and just completely forget that you've left them there... If you do, they may not be there the next day (but you'd better go back and check in any case).

There could be some information or advice that you receive this year which really leaves an impression on you at many levels. It may be completely different to what you have heard in the past, learnt in the past and it could spark your interest to pursue a new direction. Follow it through to see the conclusion – you may be surprised by what you see and do due diligence at the same time to make sure you're not fishing down the wrong hole..

There are some partnerships that can be very inspiring for you this year with lots of intellectual banter and new methods to learn and share across a group of likeminded contemporaries. And romance can be special for you this year.




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